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by Midnight Coven

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Magic Potion 09:16
I got a magic potion, in my drawer It will make you happy, and many things more I drank it last night, and I had a ball It will make you feel, like your fifteen feet tall I got it at an antique house, from a voodoo queen She told me she made it on Halloween It wasn't cheap, but I just got paid High on my potion, is where I wanna stay I got the shakes, but my fix is coming soon I got my voodoo witch, to stir me up another brew If you join me, I might give you a little sip But I must warn you, you'll be hooked on it I'm past out, I'm on the floor When I get up, I'll drink some more This is the place I want to be If you don't like it, then leave me be My voodoo witch is comin' by Me in her both are guna drink all night I got a hundred dollar bill I tell you I'm goin' in for the thrill
Nightmare 09:22
Spiders crawling, on the floor A figure standing, by the door In this old house, it's like a dream When you wake up, you start to scream You got no place, else to live Givin' to you through, inheritance A medium, told you to stay away But you get pulled back, day after day Surrounded by farm land And the deep forest Sometimes you go down to the, near by ocean But there's always a feeling Inside of you, there's something watching You every, single move Wretched niohtmares, won't go away In this old house, you still remain Held by the ones, from the past Down in the kitchen, a wicked laugh Nightmare's coming, on to you What is it, your guna do? Petrified, by the coming doom A heap of evil, enters the room You start to scream, and start to shout The clock on the wall, starts to melt You try to run, but you can't move Has this old house, now consumed you?
Have you yet followed, the path that you desire? Have you climbed up, a little bit higher? Don't waste it, try your best not to plunder Come in to town with, roaring thunder They can't hold you down, you are the one to rise Don't live through your life, hiding in disguise Be a wizard or a witch, and cast a fiery light Don't let them tell you no, reveal fangs that bite Have you gotten all worried and confused? Perhaps anxiety runs in you, through and through Things I know, can never be that easy But in the end, you can make it work, if need be They can't hold you down, you are the one to rise Don't live through your life, hiding in disguise Be a wizard or a witch, and cast a fiery light Don't let them tell you no, reveal fangs that bite Society, might not understand your ways But that's no reason, to always hide away Stand proud of the wisdom, that you have gained Show them who you are, let them know your name Seasons are changing, things are rearranging It's time to go, It's time go This world is a crazy ride When will happiness arrive? I do not know, I do not know The strong ones, now shall rise Give the people their surprise Let it flow, let it flow
Lovely Women 08:17
She's got eyes, like an angel See her there, in the sun I might just go on over Perhaps, we can have some fun Flashy clothes, and red lips Gentle breeze, going by Her lovely vibe, really hits This troubled soul, of mine Lovely women, enter my world Perhaps a good time, is about to unferral We can drink wine, and smoke cigarettes Mugs of beer, and some fresh cannabis The night is young, the potential is there Off in the distance, music I do hear Get yourself a movin', towards my way Perhaps once you get a taste, you won't want to go away Lovely women, there's something about you the others do not have I want a good glimpse, to learn more about you You drive me so goddamn mad Lovely women, elegantly movin' I got something you outta' see The way your flowin' You really groovin' Won't you come home with me?
Open your eyes, and go all the way Or is it that, your just, too goddamn afraid? This world is crazy, it always stays the same But your the very one, who feeds the tyrants flame Another halfwit, brought into this world Did you believe the lies, they told you in school? Rise up, be the one, to wake up the fools Get out of your chains, break all the rules Are you still a women? are you still a man? as you move through this, post-human land Are you ready to be, micro chipped? Let the elite get, deep inside your head? This world needs to change, I know I'm not alone Heal the suffering, listen to the call Fix your society, won't you stand tall? It's time to get on up, before you start to fall
Evil Bitch 07:41
Your covered in blood, from the top of your head, down to your toes Such a naughty, naughty girl, what have you done this time?, I truly don't want to know Your playing with knives again, the killer in you now begins How can you be so careless?, so goddamn insensitive? When I look into your eyes, I know that logic, just isn't there Such a cruel psychopath, walking around with that malevolent stare Such evil wretched bitch, you like it when their helpless Satisfied when the knife goes in, you just might do it again All through you runs endless sin, and your so proud of it getting close to where you victim is, their life, you will end it Have you come out to play? with your brand new shinning blade? Will you kill another day?, or end up deep in your grave?
Black Mass 09:20
Late at night, when the moon is shining over Off in the woods, there's wicked laughter A black mass ritual, it now unfolds A group of witches, dressed in their fancy clothes A sudden fright, you see their willing victim As you hide in the trees, you watch them They are the evil ones, the offering has begun Can their souls be saved? Or is it just too late? A malice society, They can't control their evil deeds Fueled by their insanity, abiding by their religious creeds The sacrifice has now been made, they return home for another day The flame evil burns on, from the dusk until the dawn So gathers the witches in the night Would you like to join them?, I think you just might Be forewarned, I tell you now You just might enter the door to hell



released April 12, 2020

Aaron Baker - Guitars/Bass/Keyboards/Vocals/Drums/Drum Synths/Lyrics
Drum Loops - Oliver Stöckert www.youtube.com/user/Lichtsturm93
Drum Loops - Premier Loops www.youtube.com/user/PremierLoops

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Midnight Coven Nova Scotia



Midnight Coven is a one man project, led by 30 year old Aaron Baker

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