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Poisoned Masses

by Midnight Coven

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You deserve everything you get If you don't got the will to fight against it Is there no value?, that lives within your soul? You let them continue, to keep their hold Your are just a coward, no reason to exist The potential you had, has now been wasted You can change, there may be time left Before they take away, your right to just that Watch the cattle as they, let themselves be slaves Obedient until, they reach their final days The entire world, fell for the lie They will will sell whatever, their owners will buy Are you dumb enough, to keep going this way? You are an insult, to the human race I know damn well, I stand far above you You are so ignorant, you haven't a clue
Her eyes are wicked, as she moves down the hall When you see her, you won't forget what you saw Short skirt, she's about 5'4 tall She works behind the counter, at the local mall I saw her standing there, over by the wall She was frozen, just like a mannequin doll She can hypnotize you, make your skin crawl A sent of perfume, and alcohol I asked what her names was, she said Elvira She didn't talk that much, a drink I did buy her I asked her if she would like to, come home with me Perhaps a wicked one, is just what I need
Look around you, see the parasites Infesting the land, with their simple minds Obedient cowards, a product for the farm The rulers have decided, they don't need all their crop You can't hide, they will find, you You abide, take their side, soon, Comes your approaching doom Oh, you know it's true Population, will now start to decline As you inject their poison, and shorten your life The mental computer, that always runs upstairs Will now become, a brand new software You can't hide, they will find, you You abide, take their side, soon, Comes your approaching doom Oh, you know it's true I try to warn you, but all you do is comply I guess for the rulers, you are willing to die And pass it on to the, generations to come A dystopia, the world will now become
Rise Up 07:34
Vaccinated, micro chipped, another parasite You and your family, believe all the lies The elitists, with their proud demonic grin Another agenda, now starts to begin Psychopathic cunts, the vilest breed The last fucking thing they want, is for you to be free Time to rise up, if you think got the balls Real men are hard to find, don't got no real cause Toxic madness, the authorities obey To place upon the masses, world wide treachery Watch them all conform, the lowest form of life Obedient, willing you stand in line Stupid cunt, a mask upon your face No mind, no soul, what a disgrace Off you go, you stick the needle in World wide control, starts to begin You better be armed to the fucking teeth When they come rolling down your street Fight for your life, or be enslaved You can try to save, whats left of the human race
Compliant 09:30
Do you really want to be free? Or do you like living in your cage? I see you there you compliant cunt Tell me when will you have enough? You take your orders willing obey A modern conditioned obedient slave You have to ruin it for all of us The wise ones who will always stand up An empty shell is what will remain A prisoner in your society You signed a contract to give away your soul To keep you clueless is one of their goals You laugh at me you ignorant prick You and family a bunch of halfwits You are fed on by the ruling class Tell me how long will you let it all last? Many will die they always plan it all out Do you think that you will ever get out? A simple fool there you sit and nod Of your freedom you have been robbed



released May 1, 2022

Aaron Baker - Guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals, drum machine, drum synths, lyrics

Copyright © 2022 Midnight Coven/Aaron Baker.


all rights reserved



Midnight Coven Nova Scotia



Midnight Coven is a one man project, led by 30 year old Aaron Baker

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